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The Pine Harbor Difference

You didn’t buy your home from a catalog—so why should your storage shed or small building be cookie-cutter, when it could match with everything else on your property?

At Pine Harbor, before we write the order we like to visit your property. We want to know about your site, your setbacks, the style of your home, and your intended use.

A Proven Process

We only use our Catalog as a starting point. The reason our sheds look so remarkable on each property is because we look for that small detail we can use from the main house to tie the two buildings together. It can be the color, texture or type of window pane. It’s our process that makes The Pine Harbor Difference. Getting the answers to a number of questions and seeing your home are just the beginning. Only then can we determine the size you will really need and what features to include.

Thinking Ahead. The Big Picture.

For example, when we see a big lawn, we ask: “Do you have a riding mower, or plan to buy one?” If the answer is “yes,” then we know you’ll need an oversized door and a ramp.

Permitting Made Easy

We want to help here, too. After seeing your site, we’ll give you all the information you need to get your permit submitted. We make it as easy as possible for you to obtain an approved permit for your project.

The Pine Harbor Difference...Better Buildings by Design

Imagine getting the look you want for your shed, barn, garage or custom building without the need to hire an architect or builder!



Not sure which shed to choose?

Don’t worry! We’ve made it easy to find the perfect shed for you with our comparison chart.

Classic and Signature shed feature comparison
Classic and Signature shed feature comparison
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