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Installation Guidelines

For customers having their shed installed by Pine Harbor, please review the following Installation Guidelines to ensure a smooth and successful shed installation on your property.

Check Your Order

Delivery & Installation Date

  • If you must postpone or cancel your delivery date, we need at least a five (5) day notice or a Reschedule Fee of $100.00 will apply
  • If we are unable to build on the day of delivery due to an unprepared site, a Reschedule Fee will apply.
  • Pine Harbor reserves the right to reschedule due to weather or any unforeseen circumstances


  • Your Payment is due in full the day your shed is delivered and/or built.
  • Please let us know in advance if you plan to pay by credit card as credit card sales must be processed by our office before delivery.
  • We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express & Discover as well as a personal check


  • While we will make every effort to supply all the information needed to obtain a permit, please understand securing the proper permits is the sole responsibility of the home owner.
  • Please check with your local building department regarding permit requirements, setbacks, and other regulations that may apply.
  • Pine Harbor provides permitting services for a fee in certain areas.

Site Condition

Please read this carefully:

  • Please ensure the site is prepared before we arrive.
  • The area should be clear & level.
  • You will need to allow an additional 2′ around the perimeter of the building size you have chosen as the “work space.”
  • Please cut tree limbs that may be in the way and remove trees, shrubs, underbrush and other miscellaneous items from the shed site area.
  • Please note: Some town building departments may require a specific method for building footings depending on the size of the structure.

Shed Ground Site Prep

  • Ideal: crushed stone and sonotube footings
  • Preferred: crushed stone or sonotube footings
  • Acceptable: concrete blocks that are provided

Land Grade

  • The grade of the land can be deceiving. It should be level not just flat.
  • If you are uncertain, please call for a free site inspection or consultation where possible.
  • We offer site leveling and site work services for a fee in certain areas.


  • Please let us know in advance if the shed site you have chosen is not accessible by truck or is in excess of a 50 feet distance from where we can park the truck.
  • There could be an additional charge if it is more than 100 feet.

Shed Location

  • Please be certain of the shed location you have chosen before we start to build.
  • Stake site with flags to visualize the site.
  • We will not be responsible for relocation or any structural changes after we begin to build.
  • There will be an additional charge for any relocation changes. There are No Exceptions to this.


  • Access to electricity must be within 150 feet of the site.
  • There will be a generator fee of $50 if one is needed at your site.


  • We require that somebody must be at the shed site the day of delivery to assure proper location of the shed
  • Delivery charges may apply to certain areas.

All of us at Pine Harbor thank you again for your purchase!

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